How to clean up your smartphone

During the daily use of a smartphone, we install a lot of apps and games, take pictures, download files, during the use there are problems with the performance of the device or we lack free space for new files. We are looking for solutions on what to do to improve the situation to carve out extra space. In this guide, we will present 2 ways to clean up your smartphone. See more:

Apps and games

Tidy up your smartphoneFirst, check the list of installed apps and games. Sort them by frequency of use. Very often it happens that we install an application and completely forget about it, such as in the case of benchmarks, which we install for a specific task, then make the mistake of not uninstalling the software.

After checking the available applications, make a list of which ones you use most often and which are the most important for you. Uninstall other applications and games.

Cleaning your smartphone

Smartphone comes with cleaning software by default (usually from the manufacturer), but you can use additional software such as the famous CCleaner, which will help you to deal with problems with lack of internal memory, as well as clean the device of unnecessary processes, thereby increasing the performance of the smartphone. CCleaner is the most popular tool for cleaning the smartphone from unnecessary files, but remember that any such software can be unreliable, so before proceeding to clean up perform a full backup smartphone. About making backups will write in subsequent articles, on which we invite you now.

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Additional SD card

Installing an additional microSD card will be the optimal solution if your smartphone allows it. Unfortunately not every smartphone on the market offers this option, and very often you will have to make a compromise - if you have Dual SIM and one of the slots works as SIM 2 and SD. In this situation you will have to choose whether you want to use two phone numbers or use the option to increase the internal memory of the phone. If you opt for the second option, after installing and formatting the SD card, you will be able to transfer files and applications, games to the SD card, freeing up precious memory space. You can also use the SD card as an integrator, which will add the space it offers to your phone's existing internal memory. Remember, however, that this solution prevents you from moving files between devices. Additionally, removing the SD card from your phone can lead to problems with games and applications.

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